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Overview of iCAT Certification

iCAT, also known as the International Centre for Automotive Technology, is a prestigious Testing and Homologation Centre established by the Government of India as part of the NATRiP project. It operates as one of the authorized entities responsible for issuing Conformity of Production (COP) Certificates and Type Approval Certificates (TAC). Located in Manesar, Gurgaon, iCAT is renowned for its exceptional automotive certification services. Businesses seeking iCAT Certification must adhere to iCAT standards, guaranteeing product authenticity and safety.

The International Centre for Automotive Technology (ICAT) is in Manesar, Gurugram, Haryana, India. With an investment of Rs 1100/- crore, it features state-of-the-art vehicle homologation facilities and laboratories for testing noise, vibration, harshness (NVH), and passive safety. These facilities offer ICAT certification and registration services for powertrain, fatigue, emission (compliant with Euro-V standards), passive safety, and vehicle test tracks.

iCAT provides certification services for various types of vehicles within the automotive sector, including electric vehicles (EVs), two-wheelers, three-wheelers, four-wheelers, trucks, trailers, and tractors. To assist businesses in obtaining iCAT Certification, Legal Suvidha is a company that ensures their vehicles meet iCAT standards in terms of design, functionality, and durability. Additionally, iCAT offers validation, testing, and design services for other sectors, such as railways, defense, aviation, consumer electronics, and general lighting.

Importance of iCAT Certification

The significance of iCAT Certification can be summarized as follows:

  • iCAT Certification guarantees that the vehicle meets both iCAT and Indian government standards, giving buyers confidence in the product's high quality and safety.
  • iCAT Certification is obligatory for all automobile manufacturers in India, ensuring compliance with government regulations and legal requirements.
  • Obtaining iCAT Certification provides an additional layer of product quality and security, enhancing marketability and driving business sales.
  • iCAT Certification symbolizes excellence and quality, bolstering a business's reputation and attracting a larger customer base.
  • iCAT Certification holds international recognition, enabling businesses to explore new markets and expand their export opportunities.

Registration of iCAT Certification

The process of registering for iCAT Certification encompasses the following aspects:

  • ICAT Registration is an innovative measure introduced by an automotive certification agency to strengthen the security of certificates under the Central Motor Vehicles Rule in India.
  • ICAT Certification encompasses various types of certificates, such as Conformity of Production (COP), Type Approval Certificates (TAC), and other certificates for engines, vehicles, and components.
  • The new ICAT certificate format incorporates nine distinct security features that are exclusive to the certificate, enhancing its integrity and authenticity.

Components for eligibility under iCAT Certification

ICAT is the foremost Homologation and Testing center in India. It is the designated agency, as per CMV rule number 126, responsible for issuing "TYPE APPROVAL CERTIFICATE (TAC)" and "CONFORMITY OF PRODUCTION (COP) Certificate" for the following categories:

  • Engines
  • Components
  • Retro fitment
  • Gensets

Upon completing the ICAT registration process, the entity becomes eligible for ICAT approval and is granted the corresponding ICAT certificate.

The registration process for iCAT Certification

The Registration Process involves the following stages:

  1. Application: The initial stage involves submitting an application that provides comprehensive details about the vehicle and specifies the type of iCAT Certification sought.
  2. Documentation: During this phase, meticulous documentation is required, including essential documents like proof of ownership, manufacturing particulars, and testing reports.
  3. Testing: The vehicle undergoes a comprehensive assessment conducted by iCAT, which includes evaluating emission levels, power output, and other relevant parameters.
  4. Compliance: If the vehicle successfully meets the standards established by iCAT and the Indian government, further assistance will be provided to ensure compliance with the requisite regulations and requirements.

Certification: Once the vehicle successfully passes iCAT's tests and fulfills all necessary compliance criteria, it becomes eligible to obtain the iCAT Certification for that vehicle.

Required Documents for iCAT Certification

The required documents are as follows:

  1. Ownership Documentation: This entails providing proof of ownership, which includes documents like the registration certificate, insurance policy, and other relevant ownership-related records.
  2. Manufacturing Records: Documentation about the vehicle's manufacturing process, such as invoices, bills of materials, and production details, may be necessary.
  3. Testing Reports: Reports documenting the vehicle's performance testing, including parameters such as emission levels, power output, and other relevant factors, may be required.
  4. Technical Specifications: Detailed technical specifications of the vehicle, including dimensions, weight, seating capacity, fuel type, engine capacity, and other relevant information, must be provided.
  5. Type Approval Certificate: In cases where the vehicle has already obtained approval in other countries, a copy of the Type Approval Certificate may be requested.

Compliance Documents: Any documents demonstrating compliance with regulations, such as pollution under control certificate, may also need to be provided.

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iCAT, which stands for International Centre for Automation Technology, offers certification for various types of vehicles following a comprehensive evaluation of their performance, including factors such as emission levels, power output, and more.

ICAT, situated in Manesar, operates under the supervision of the Government of India as part of the NATRiP (National Automotive Testing and R&D Infrastructure Project).

Yes, ICAT is a government organisation.

ICAT operates under the authority of the National Automotive Board (NAB) and is registered as a society under the Ministry of Heavy Industries, Government of India.

ICAT functions as an autonomous registered society and serves as the apex body responsible for the execution of the National Automotive Testing and R&D Infrastructure Project (NATRiP), sanctioned by the Government of India.

ICAT operates under the supervision of the National Automotive Board (NAB) and was established as a registered society under the Ministry of Heavy Industries, Government of India.

The full form of ICAT is International Centre for Automotive Technology (ICAT).

ICAT is under the jurisdiction of the National Automotive Board (NAB) and functions as a registered society under the Ministry of Heavy Industries, representing the Government of India.

ICAT is headed by the Ministry of Heavy Industries, Government of India.

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