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  • Aiding in the filing process for a license for a charging station in UP
  • Monitoring with governmental authority

Overview Regarding the Charging Station Business

Growth in Industrialisation and urbanisation has resulted in arapid depletion of natural resources, especially fossil fuels, and the worst culprit of this is the increased use of motorised transportation, which not only uses fossil fuels to operate but also cause severe depletion of the ozone layer by its emission ultimately resulting in the greenhouse effect. As per the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, if the temperature of the global surface has risen more than 2 degrees Celsius, compared with the pre-industrial levels, the world will witness permanent disastrous climate change.

According to GNCTD figures, the overall number of vehicles in Delhi exceeds the total number of vehicles in Mumbai, Chennai, and Kolkata combined. In comparison to the national average of 8 automobiles per 1000 people, Delhi has 85 private cars per 1000 people. Delhi emits around 12.4 million tonnes of CO2 owing to motor vehicles, while Bengaluru emits approximately 8.6 million tonnes.

Therefore to address this issue of increasing greenhouse effect, India being the signatory to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, is encouraging the shift to Electric Vehicles as an alternative for transportation for short and long-distance trips.

Ministry of Power came up with guidelines to regulate the installation of charging stations. As per regulations, any individual can install the charging station as there is no separate license that is required by them from the authorities. These regulations were enacted with the objective of enabling faster adoption of electric vehicles in India as well as promoting affordable tariffs chargeable from electric vehicle owners and Charging station operators or owners.

Eligibility for acquiring License for Charging Station in UP:-

Any individual can apply for a license for Charging Station in UP. But, before filing an application for obtaining a License for a Charging Station in UP, the individual has to fulfil some of the basic requirements stipulated by The Union Ministry of Power, Bureau of Energy Efficiency and Central Electricity Authorityin the revised guidelines regarding charging infrastructure for electric vehicles on 14th January 2022. The requirements include: -

  • Transformer with all linked substation equipment, including safety appliances.
  • Public Charging Station needs to have at least one or more electric kiosks/boards, along with charger models installed
  • Public Charging Station providers have the freedom to install charging hubs and different charging stations.
  • Within the grid of 3km x 3km, only the charging station should be available.
  • Chains of charging or charging stations will attain electricity from any generation company via open access.
  • At one tie-up with online Network Service Providers (NSPs) to provide advance online booking of charging slots by EV owners.
  • Appropriate public amenities.

Documents required for acquiring License for Charging Station in UP

  • Sale deed/lease deed/rent agreement of the land
  • Aadhar Card of authorised signatory
  • Pan card of the authorised signatory
  • Topographic map
  • Map of the land
  • KYC of the authorised person
  • KYC of company signatory
  • GST Certificate

Procedure for acquiring License for Charging Station in UP

The procedure for acquiring License for a Charging Station in UPis regulated as per guidelines provided by The Union Ministry of Power, Bureau of Energy Efficiency and State Electricity Authority


Filing an Application


The applicant first has to submit the approval to the sub-divisional official with the mandated documents. The application process is submitted to the state and local authorities.

Approval for installation


Once the approval is provided to the applicant, then the applicant is asked to return to the SDO with the installation plan.



SDO, after the stipulated time and scrutinising the application, installs the electricity system for the charging station.

Nodal Agency

A Central Nodal Agency will be appointed by the Ministry of Power to manage the deployment; in contrast, a State Nodal Agency will be appointed by the State Government to oversee the installation of charging infrastructure. In addition, the Ministry of Power (MoP) announced the formation of the Bureau of Energy Efficiency in a notification dated February 12, 2019. (BEE), a statutory institution under the Ministry of Power would be the project's Central Nodal Agency. The "Charging Infrastructure for Electric Vehicles - Guidelines and Standards" provisions serve a specific purpose.

Tariff service Charge

  • The Public Charging Service tariff will not be more than the average cost of supply + 15%.
  • The maximum service charges will be set by the State Nodal agency that the Public Charging Service can charge.

How can Enterclimate assist you? 

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Our team of legal professionals provides assistance throughout the process of acquiring approval for establishing an electrical connection to the supply.

Personalised assistance in a competent manner

We offer complete guidance personally catering to your business needs. Our team of an expert is known for their speedy delivery. We make it a point to communicate promptly, constructively, and proficiently with our clients.

Monitoring with  governmental authority

Our team of experts also provide complete guidance for filing an application and monitoring the governmental authority.


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