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Overview of Plastic Waste Processor Authorization

Plastic, according to Plastic Waste (Management) Rules, 2016, is defined as "a material which contains essential ingredient a high polymer such as polyethene terephthalate, high-density polyethene, Vinyl, low-density polyethene, polypropylene, polystyrene resins, materials like acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, polyphenylene oxide, polycarbonate, and Polybutylene terephthalate."

Plastic Waste Processor Authorization is required for the Plastic Waste Processor business, which involves converting Plastic Waste for energy into oil and industrial composting.

According to the CPCB data, plastic accounts for 8% of solid trash. Furthermore, according to the latest figures from the Union Environment Minister, India creates approximately 3.5 million tonnes of plastic garbage each year, of which only 60% is recycled. The remaining 40%, on the other hand, is either discarded in landfills or secluded regions burned, both of which pose environmental and health risks. With this much plastic generation in India, it is very important for state Authorities to encourage more establishment of Plastic Waste recycling plants and provide Plastic Waste Authorisation.

Eligibility for setting up Plastic Waste Processor Business

There are a few points that one has to keep in mind while filing for Plastic Waste Processor Authorisation: -

  • After the end of every financial year, Plastic Waste Processors must submit annual returns.
  • Every Processor must register with the Board or Committee as per Plastic Waste Management Rules, 2016 provision 13(3).
  • Along with this, In the Case of the Processing operation, there is a need for a properly organised sector; there is also a need for sufficient land and space for setting up operations and for workers to work comfortably.

Documents required for Plastic Waste Processor Authorization

While filing an application for Plastic Waste Processor Authorisation, Processors have to submit a number of attested documents like: -

  1. PAN Card Copy or Number 
  2. CIN Number of the Company (Certificate of Incorporation)
  3. GST Number 
  4. Aadhar Number of the authorised person or representative 
  5. PAN Number of the authorised person or representative 
  6. State Pollution Control Board issued Consent to establish under The Air (Prevention and Control Pollution) Act, 1981 and The Water (Prevention and Control Pollution) Act, 1981. 
  7. State Pollution Control Board issued Consent to Operate under The Air (Prevention and Control Pollution) Act, 1981 and The Water (Prevention and Control Pollution) Act, 1981. 
  8. A compliance certificate of effluent & emission requirements, treatment and disposal of hazardous wastes, as applicable, from the respective SPCB or any other competent agency, is required in the event of renewal.
  9. Any other necessary information, if required. 

Procedure for acquiring Plastic Waste Processor Authorisation

The procedure for obtaining Plastic Waste Processor Authorisation from State Pollution Control Board or Pollution Control Committee is regulated by Plastic Waste Management Act, 2016. The process involves Filing an application, reviewing the submitted application and granting the license.

Filing an application


First of all, the Processors have to register through the centralised Portal of Extended Producers’ Responsibility designed and operated by the Central Pollution Control Board, along with submitting the attested documents.

Submitting/Review Application

Once the application for registration is submitted through the online portal, it is scrutinised by the authorised personnel of the SPCC/PCC. 

Grant of license

Further, when application is reviewed by the authorised personnel, the registration is granted in case of no error in the application and documents submitted. 

Procedure for Plastic Waste Processor

Plastic waste processors liquefy and compress the collected plastic waste into hygienic discs that can be stored for a long time. Clean plastic waste, food-containing waste, and other ship waste that cannot be treated in the traditional solid waste stream are processed in plastic waste processors.

The Plastic Waste Processor must make the Board aware of the overall amount of plastic waste processors attributed to the Producers', Importers and Brand Owners. Apart from this, only Plastic Waste Processors that are registered under Plastic Waste Management Rules, 2016 should provide certificates for Waste processing, except for plastic use in Road Construction. In that case, where plastic waste is needed for Road construction, The Producers', Importers, and Brand Owners shall provide a self-declaration certificate in the procedure subscribed by the Board.

Plastic Waste Processors that deal with end-of-life plastic packaging waste, such as waste to oil, waste to energy, and cement kilns (co-processing), must report on a yearly basis on the Board's portal, using the mandated format. These entities shall ensure that plastic packaging waste is disposed of in an environmentally sound manner in accordance with relevant rules and guidelines framed by regulatory authorities; the plastic packaging waste certificate provided by registered Plastic Waste Processors shall be in the name of registered entities, as applicable, based on agreed modalities. The Board will design a method for issuing such a certificate on the official portal.

Benefits of Plastic Waste Processor

Given below are some of the benefits of establishing a Plastic Waste Processor business:-

  1. Establishing Plastic Waste Processor Business does not need much of capital. Hence it is very low cost to establish
  2. The fuel produced with Plastic Waste processors is more environmentally sustainable than fuel from Fossil.
  3. The business converts useless materials like Plastic waste, wood waste, textiles and non-recyclable paper that can neither be reused nor can it be recycled into fuel.

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