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Overview of the Legacy Waste Management

Waste management in India has existed since the Vedic period. At that time, household or urban waste, mainly consisting of biodegradable components, was converted to compost for farming. This process continued for many years until plastic was introduced, which started a change in the processing of waste and its accumulation. This plastic, being non-compostable, was discarded on barren land, adversely affecting the soil and overall environment of that land. This unregulated and frequent dumping of non-compostable scrap resulted in the uncontrollable accumulation of legacy waste. To combat this problem, Legacy Waste Management came into the picture.

Legacy waste is the waste accumulated over a long period of time and discarded on some barren land or landfills. National Green Tribunal has shed light on the problem of legacy waste in their recent order relating to a news article published in the Times of India.Legacy waste is regulated by Municipal Corporation,whichreleases tenders for bidders for cleaning and legacy waste management.

Eligibility for applying for Legacy Waste Management tender

The bidders are eligible to participate in a legacy waste management tender if they fulfil the conditions mandated by Municipal corporations.

Technical Competence:

  1. The participant must have a minimum of two years of expertise in the last five years in the applicable arena or the construction field, Solid Waste Management or mining experience, etc.

Financial Competence:

  1. a) The participant must have a net worth in plus in the last FY (financial year)earlier than the bid due date.

          b) The participant must have a least Average Annual Turnover of Rs.fifty lakhs in the last three financial years earlier than the bid due date.

Apart from these, if the participant fails to qualify as per the given conditions, they may ally with the qualified member with whom they form a contract.

Any organisation/plant or individual that any authority has earlier banned (Govt., Semi Govt., Corporation or PrivateOrganization)in the last seven years from Proposal Due Date from partaking in any tender would not be qualified to submit a proposal.

Documents required for applying for the Legacy Waste Management tender

The document requirements for a Legacy Waste Management Tender are divided into two parts. The first part is pre-qualification documents, and the second is documents needed for the technical bid.

Pre-qualification documents

  1. Completion certificate
  2. Affidavit in original for a block listing
  3. Downloaded copy of the whole tender document
  4. Certificate of GST
  5. Signature on every page of the document related to tender and uploading of the same along with other necessary documents
  6. Earnest money and bid fee

Documents needed for technical bid

  1. Bid document fee and Earnest Money deposit submission or proof of online submission
  2. The original request for proposal or any other correspondence, certificates and samples signed by authorised signatory
  3. Power of Attorney for the signing of bid, authority letter after the resolution passed by the Board of Directors
  4. Documents/various annexures/formats related to meeting the eligibility criteria

Process for acquiring authorisation for Solid Waste Management

For any bidder to qualify for bidding for tender of Legacy Waste Management,he must also have the authorisation under SWM rules. The process of obtaining Solid Waste Management authorisation is as follows: -

  1. To obtain Solid Waste Management authorisation under the rules, every bidder should applyunder Form 1 for setting up a management plant, including a waste treating, handling, or discarding facility. The documents required if the waste managed is more than five metric tonnes per day are as follows: -
    1. Project report;
    2. Documents relating to ownership of land;
    3. Annual report of the previous year;
    4. Consent or work order issued;
    5. Technical details of waste to energy plant;
    6. Consent from district-level site selection committee;
  2. Once the registration application is completed and mandated documents are submitted, the State Pollution Control Board (SPCB)/Pollution Control Committee (PCC) shall scrutinisethe proposal for authorisation.
  3. SPCB/PCC should authorise for solid waste management within sixty days under Form 2.
  4. The authorities have complete jurisdiction to cancel authorisation due to the failure of the facility to fulfil the stipulations provided under the rules or guidelines. Still, the facilities will be given proper notice and a chance to present their case.

Tender proposal for legacy waste management

The bidder must only submit one proposal for the project in response to the request. If any bidder submits more than one bid or proposal,he will be disqualified.

Validity of the proposal

The proposal for legacy waste management shall remain valid for not less than 60 days.

Procedure for applying for tender for legacy waste management

Submission of proposal


The proposal is to be submitted by the bidder under the request for the proposal with their qualification. The first bidder must submit the technical bid and then the financial bid once qualified.

 Opening of proposal and clarification


Once the proposal is successfully submitted, they are scrutinised by the municipal corporation for evaluation. If the proposal is not submitted timely,the municipal corporation has the right to reject it. This is a pre-bid process.



The proposal is then evaluated according to the conditions provided. The proposal for legacy waste management is submitted in two parts. The proposal submission will be evaluated first, and the project submission follows this.

Acceptance of proposal

Once proposals are evaluated, they are ranked according to their bid. The proposal with the lowest bidding will be positioned first according to the financial bid. This will be then declared the preferred bidder.

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