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Overview of TSDF Facility Service

The State Pollution Control Boards (SPCBs)/Pollution Control Committees (PCCs) have been assigned the responsibility to ensure compliance with various provisions stipulated under the Hazardous and Other Wastes (Management and Transboundary Movement) Rules 2016. The regulations applicable to TSDFs are more stringent than waste generators and transporters of hazardous waste or units involved in processing non-hazardous waste (collectors, dismantlers and recyclers). A TSDF must have all general facility standards and unit-specific design and operating criteria to obtain TSDF Facility Service Authorisation. General facility standards consist of notified regulations by CPCB from time to time for facilities handling hazardous waste. The unit-specific technical requirements are meant to prevent the release of hazardous waste (leachates, effluents etc.) into the environment. Rule 16 of the HOWM Rules, 2016 stipulates various provisions related to the design, construction, operation and maintenance, closure and post-closure phases of Common and Captive TSDFs.

Components of a TSDF Facility Service

  1. Treatment facilities: such units use scientific processes (incineration or oxidation) to alter the character or composition of hazardous wastes.
  2. Storage facilities are meantto temporarily hold hazardous wastes until they are treated or disposed of.
  3. Disposal facilities: These are facilities where hazardous wastes are disposed of or eliminated in carefully constructed units designed to protect groundwater and surface-water resources.

Authorisation Process for TSDF Facility Services

Every TSDF facility has to take prior authorisation from the concerned SPCB if it wants to indulge in the collection, storage, transport, reception, recycling, reuse, recovery, pre-processing, co-processing, utilisation, treatment or disposal of hazardous and other waste. For the grant or renewal of authorisation, the applicant will be required to apply in Form 1 to the concerned SPCB. If the hazardous waste generator owns the TSDF facility, it will need similar authorisation. The applicant needs to provide details such as the nature of waste stored/ handled and its quantity per annum, details for treatment facilities, machinery installed and its capacity, leachate collection system, firefighting measures, details of transportation and location of the site, and any other additional details mandated by the SPCB.

Additional Criteria for Recyclers or Processors of Hazardous or Other Wastes

Some treatment facilities enable waste to be recovered and reused in manufacturing settings, while other treatment processes can dramatically reduce the amount of hazardous waste. Therefore along with treatment, storage and disposal of hazardous waste, if a TSDF indulges in recycling, pre-processing and co-processing or using the waste, it must complete Part D of Form 1 in all respect. Such facilities will be required to furnish additional details like details of the waste received (domestic or through import), capacity, description of the recycling process, process flow chart, details of users of the by-products, pollution control system and compliance reports from the CPCB.

Documents Required for TSDF Facility Authorisation

TSDF Facility Service can obtain authorisation from the SPCB by fulfilling all conditions and submitting the following documents, namely

  • Duly filled Form I
  • GST Registration of the facility
  • Copy of the Emergency Response Plan (ERP) addressing the procedures for dealing with emergencies (like spillage, accidental release or fire)
  • Copy of the latest Consent Order granted by the SPCB
  • Proof of installed Pollution Control Equipment
  • Approved Layout plan for the TSDF.
  • Copy of prior Environmental Clearance along with compliance report.

Steps in Authorisation of a TSDF Facility

The application for authorisation of a TSDF facility Service goes through the given stages

Submission of Document/ processing Fee to SPCB

All required documents must be submitted along with duly filled Form 1. Any queries or issues in the submitted application are brought to the applicant’s notice by the SPCB.

Document Scrutiny and Inspection of the unit

The application is forwarded to the inspecting authority for site inspection. Only after a satisfactory inspection report and addressing all issues raised by the inspector will the document be forwarded to the approving authority. This process can take up to 120 days.

Grant of Authorisation Letter

After a due inquiry ensuring that the applicant possesses appropriate facilities for treatment, storage and disposal of the hazardous and other waste and ensuring technical capabilities and equipment complying with the SOP issued by CPCB, the SPCB will grant authorisation for TSDF Facility Service.

Validity and Renewal of Authorisation of TSDF service

Validity: The authorisation certificate for TSDF will be valid for five years subject to such conditions as laid down in the Certificate.

Renewal: A TSDF will need to submit a copy of annual returns furnished for the last three years in case of renewal of the authorisation.  A self-certified compliance report in respect of effluent, emission standards and the conditions specified in the authorisation for hazardous and other wastes will also be needed, along with necessary documents mentioned in the above section for renewal of the authorisation.

Responsibilities of a TSDF facility Service Provider

  • The TSDF facility Service Provider must comply with the provisions outlined in the CPCB guidelines on “Implementing Liabilities for Environmental Damages due to Handling and Disposal of Hazardous Waste and Penalty”.
  • The authorisation holder must implement Emergency Response Procedure (ERP) for which the authorisation is granted considering all site-specific possible scenarios (spillages, leakages, fire etc.).
  • The imported hazardous and other wastes must be fully insured for transit, any accidental occurrence and its clean-up operation.
  • Record of collection storage and disposal must be maintained as per Form 3
  • Implemented waste disposal mechanism must be according to the conditions in the Authorisation certificate.
  • The occupier must file the annual return by June 30th for the period ensuring 31st March of the year as per form 4.
  • The occupier should not store hazardous and other wastes for more than ninety days. This stipulation may vary subject to certain conditions as per the HOWM Rules, rence,2016.

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