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Overview of PRO Authorisation

Producer Responsibility Organisations (PROs) are revolutionising the e-waste recycling ecosystem. This is done through efficientcollection, channelisation and recycling of e-waste on behalf of Producers, Importers, and Brand Owners (PIBOs) and helping them achieve their collection targets in the process. Their operation involves setting up formal networks of collectors, dismantlers and recyclers of e-waste for EPR compliance on behalf of the PIBOs in the Electrical and Electronic Equipment (EEE)industry.

Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) is the nodal authority tasked with authorising a PRO to function in India. CPCB evaluates the capacity and capabilities of the PRO in handling the collection, transportation and dismantling work. The board also monitors the capacity of the Producer Responsibility Organisation to carry out an awareness program before issuing the authorisation. The PROsalso help the environmental agencies check the PIBOs, make informed decisions about existing environmental policies and make timely changes.

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Getting registered as a Producer Responsibility Organisation means recognition of the recycling facility at a global level. Some PIBOs have their in-house units managing their Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR). Most national and international producers in the EEE sector prefer to outsource this responsibility to local facilities with a proven record in e-waste handling. So, if you have such capacity and capability, you must register yourself as a PRO. However, some additional responsibilities will come with it, like setting up collection points for used EEE products, providing reverse logistics, developing EPR plans for clients and conducting awareness programs among consumers. Some additional compliance needs to be observed, too, like maintaining records of waste management, filing annual returns to CPCB, maintaining toll-free numbers and any other guidelines issued by the board from time to time.

Capability and capacity required to get a PRO Authorisation

  • To become eligible for PRO authorisation, a unit must have at least five years of e-waste management experience and registration from a statutory body.
  • The facility needs to have authorisation/consent NOC for collection, storage, dismantling or recycling of e-waste.
  • If the PRO does not possess its processing facility and plans to manage the EPR for its clients through channel partners, each entity must be registered with SPCB/PCC.
  • Its capacity must be at par with the collection targets of its clients.

The legal responsibility of PROs for fulfilling targets puts high expectations on their knowledge, management, and operations.

Documents Required for PRO Authorisation 

A waste processor that wants to get registered for PRO Authorisation needs to submit the following documents to the CPCB along with the application -

  • Name and address of the Producer Responsibility Organisation
  • Name and address of the authorised person
  • Category of the waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (EEE) it will be handling
  • Details of channel partners
  • Capacity in terms of collection, storage, transportation, and the capacity of dismantlers and recyclers with whom it has an agreement
  • PAN and GST number
  • Details of organisational structure and process flow chart
  • Details of collection mechanism, website and toll-free numbers

Registration Process for PRO Authorisation

Documents & Fee Submission 

For PRO Authorisation, the applicant must fill out an application form and all required documents. The documents must mention the details of its channel partners, aggregators and logistic partners. Details of capacity (collection, storage, and transportation), collection mechanism and toll-free number must be provided.

Document Scrutiny by CPCB 



CPCB verifies the application and responds with a checklist within 25 days in case of an incomplete application.

Grant of EPR authorisation 

CPCB issues PRO Authorisation within 60 days. The registration stands valid for five years. The Member Secretary is the approving authority.

Renewal of PRO Authorisation

The PRO Authorisation received from the CPCB is valid for five years. An application for renewal of PRO Authorisation must be made before 60 days of the expiry of the authorisation.

Refusal of PRO Authorisation by CPCB

CPCB can refuse PRO Authorisation to an applicant if he cannot provide requisite details on quantity, its EPR plan and RoHS, self-declaration or the agreement copy with authorised dismantler/recyclers within 45 days after the CPCB raises such issue. However, an opportunity to present its case is given to the applicant before the refusal of grant of EPR authorisation.

Cancellation of PRO authorisation

If, at any stage, the CPCB finds a PRO violating the provisions of the registration or any provision of the Environmental (Protection) Act 1896, the E-waste Management Rules 2016 and their amendments during random checking, the registration may be cancelled. Before cancellation, an opportunity is given to PRO to present their side.

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