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Overview of Lead Acid Battery Recycling

The use of Lead Acid Battery (LAB) has continuously risen; along with it, the recycling industry has also grown. Recycling Lead-acid batteries are highly profitable because high recyclability of components used in the battery. The major components of lead-acid batteries are lead (alloy) from grids and poles of the battery, electrode paste (lead oxide and lead sulphate), plastic (polypropylene) and sulphuric acid. This secondary lead is highly recyclable but requires purification to remove impurities before it can be used. Big demand for lead is met through this secondary lead as it is cheaper thanmining lead. Moreover, recycling is far less polluting than mining the mineral, and with proper pollution control measures, it can be further minimised. The process of recycling lead-acid batteries involves melting and refining thelead and the lead paste from dead and discarded batteries. Hazardous chemicalspresent are neutralised and disposed of or reused for other purposes. For instance,sulphuric acid is neutralised with sodium hydroxideand its by-product, i.e. sodium sulphate isused to make fertiliser and detergents. The outer plastic body in Batteries is also recyclable. Therefore, almost all the components can be reclaimed afterdisassembling the battery and draining the acid. Required machinery for these functions is also available in the market, which makes the process fast and safe. Battery Crusher, hydro separator (for separating lead from plastic), Rotary furnace, lead refining unit (to purify lead into lead ingots), pollution Control machine for the furnace etc., are some requirements for a mechanised Lead Acid Battery Recycling unit. Secondary lead and plastic from the battery can be recycled into new batteriesor sold as raw materials for other industries. A few otherrecyclablewastes are also obtained from lead-acid battery recycling like ebonite, glass etc.

Registration process for Lead Acid Battery Recycling Unit 

in 2020, the government drafted the Battery Waste Management Rules, 2020, which may supersede the Batteries (Management and Handling) Rules, 2001. As per the existing rules owner of the facility must apply for registration to the Ministry of Environment Forests and Climate Change (MoEF&CC)or an agency designated by submitting information in Form VI along with required documents for the grant of registration or renewal of registration of their Recycling Unit. The approving authority will decide on the application for registration within 90 days of receipt of the complete application form and necessary documents. The registration will be valid for two years. Application for renewal must be made six months before the expiry of the registration. 

Changes suggested in the Draft of battery Waste (Management) Rules, 2020

If the 2020 Draft rules are implemented, all registration applications will be made in Form 2(C). Also, registration validity will be three years instead of 2 at present. Annual returns will be submitted as per Form 1 and made to the concerned SPCB by 30th June and 31st December for every year. Authorisation will be granted under Hazardous Wastes (Management and Handling) Rules, 2016.

Documents Required for Lead Acid Battery Recycling Unit Registration

  • GST Registration
  • Valid PAN
  • Copy of the valid consent certificate from the concerned SPCB.
  • Copy of the valid authorisation under Hazardous Wastes (Management and Handling)Rules, 1989.
  • Copy of valid certificate of registration with District Industries Centre
  • Proof of installed capacity issued by SPCB or District Industries Centre.


Submission of Document

Application in Form IV of the Rules and all necessary documents will have to be made and addressed to Joint Secretary, MoEF&CC or any officer designated by the Ministry.

Document Scrutiny and Inspection of the unit

Joint Secretary, MoEF&CC or any officer designated by the Ministry will ensure that the recyclers possess appropriate facilities, technical capabilities, and equipment to recycle used batteries and dispose of hazardous waste generated in the process.

Issue of registration

The Approving Authority will decide on the application for registration within 90 days of receipt of the Completed application.

Application complete in all respect will be granted registration for two years subject to the conditions mentioned.

Responsibilities of Lead Acid Battery Recycler

Registered recyclers involved in Lead Acid Battery recycling must ensure the following.

  • Implement hazard control measures to prevent lead exposure for the workforce through Personal Protective Equipment, medical surveillance and health insurance.
  • To ensure strict compliance with the terms and conditions of registration.
  • Submit annual returns as per Form VII to the concerned SPCB
  • Mark "Recycled" on lead recovered by reprocessing
  • Show records relating to used batteries, sources, quantities and metal yield for inspection if demanded by the SPCB
  • Create public awareness through advertisements, publications and posters to inform consumers about the potential hazards of heavy metal pollution or discarding/selling batteries in the informal sector.

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