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  • Liaising with the Pollution Control Board
  • Advisory till Grant of Producer Responsibility Organisation

Overview of Plastic Waste Recycling Plant

Plastic has played an essential role in the development of the modern-day world. From simple toys to space suits, use of plastic has been ubiquitous. The plastic Recycling industry has proven to be a profitable business worldwide. The business model of a plastic recycling plant is simple- process the waste plastic and convert it into valuable items. This definition, however is incomplete. Normally recycling involves segregation, shredding and melting waste plastic into granules to be reused in manufacturing. But advancements in pyrolysis techniques coupled with new technologies in the sector, these plants have since then diversified their production into developing other resources from plastic waste like energy and oil production, compostable plastics manufacturing etc. These plastic waste recycling units are not only solving the problem of piling plastic waste but also providing sustainable energy production. The trend is, however, not widespread. While developed countries possess the technical know-how for such a specialised recycling process, the developing countries are yet to reach there. But the concern of increasing plastic waste has invited stringent regulations on plastic items business by the governments across the world.

Requirements for Plastic Waste Recycling Plant

Primary requirements for a plastic waste recycling plant will include all necessary planning and financial arrangements that an entrepreneur will require when he decides to start the business. How to recycle a particular kind of plastic waste and what to produce are important decisions which will depend on the availability of resources, financing and most importantly- technology.

Obtaining Authorisation and Licence

As per the new changes in the Plastic Waste Management (Amendment) Rules2022, the Plastic Waste Processors now need EPR Authorisation along with the likes of PIBOs. A procedure of authorisation and licencing can be followed to streamline the process. First of all the business needs to be registered with the proper authorities. Now if the plastic waste recycling plant also has manufacturing capabilities, the owner needs to obtain a factory licence as per the Factories Act, 1948. Since a plastic waste recycling plant requires shredding/grinding/ dismantling (in case of e-waste) and storage of waste which may be hazardous, proper authorisation from the CPCB as well as Consent to Establish (CTE) and Consent to Operate (CTO) NOC will have to be obtained from the concerned SPCB. Other licences like Fire NOC, GST Registration, IEC certificates will be needed on case to case basis.

Documents Required for Plastic Waste Recycling Plant

The key documents and certificates required to start a Plastic Waste Recycling Plant are:

  • Business Registration/Incorporation Certificate
  • Importer Exporter Code
  • Factory licence:
  • GST registration
  • No Objection Certificate from SPCB/PCC
  • Fire NOC
  • Sole proprietor or Authorized Signatory KYC
  • rent or lease proof to demonstrate the ownership of the site
  • Memorandum of Association
  • Form 1 for EPR authorisation and EPR plan copy of permission from relevant Ministry/ Department for selling their product (in case EPR authorisation is needed)
  • Copy of agreement with dealers, collection centre, recyclers, treatment storage and disposal facilities
  • Copy of trade licence issued by Directorate General of Foreign Trade. 

Registration Process of Plastic Waste Recycling Plant

Documents Submission

The applicant will have to carefully follow all   authorisation and licencing processes. SOP compliance, all required documents, and a comprehensive EPR Plan (if applicable) are needed. Enterclimate can help you manage all required compliances.

Document Scrutiny by CPCB/SPCB

The Authorised agency, CPCB/SPCBs will approve the application or issue directions for incomplete applications with remarks. Such issues will have to be rectified within a stipulated time.

Issue of Licences authorisation / NOC

Governmental authorities will follow all necessary checks and inspections and the licences/NOC will be issued only after all criteria are met.

The Plastic Waste Management (Amendment) Rules, 2022

Classification of Plastic Packaging

As per the Amendment, rigid plastic packaging is kept under category 1 while Category 2 include flexible plastic packaging of single or multilayer (with different types of plastic). Plastic sheets, covers, carry bags and plastic pouches will also be included in the same category. Category 3 will include Multi-layered plastic packaging (at least one layer of plastic and at least one layer of different material) will be included. Lastly, Category 4 will include Plastic sheets or carry bags made of compostable plastics. This has been done to identify the responsibilities of specific stakeholders and promote a circular economy in plastic waste processing.

Centralised Online Portal

The MoEF&CC also called for establishing a centralised online portal by Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) for the registration as well as filing of annual returns by producers, importers and brand-owners, plastic waste processors of plastic packaging waste by 31st March, 2022.

Formation of State Nodal Agencies

State Nodal Agencies will be constituted and will be responsible for submission of consolidated details of EPR-related activities of PIBOs & PWPFs located in their jurisdiction and other details to SPCB/PCC. The State Nodal Agency will be nominated by the State for the purpose of administering the affairs of Urban Local Bodies to ensure that the entire state including Rural Local Bodies, Town Panchayats, Cantonment Boards etc. are covered under the EPR Framework.

How will Enterclimate Assist You? 

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