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Neha Gupta

Air pollution Dispersion Modeling

Air pollution models are basically for simulation of the transport and diffusion of various pollutants {(suspended particulate matter) SPM, (Sulfur dioxide) S02, Nitrogen Oxides (NOX), Carbon monoxide (CO), etc.} being released into the atmosphere as a result of industrial combustion processes, domestic fuel burning during cooking, and vehicular movement. The models are extensively applied in […]

Natural Disaster Risk Assessment

Disaster risks are increasing exponentially due to rapid urbanization, high population density, and extreme climate-related events. The Disaster Management System in India presents holistic management of disasters that includes pre-disaster prevention, mitigation, and preparedness, as well as post-disaster response, recovery, and reconstruction. Various scientific and technical organizations of the Government of India, such as India […]

Endangered Species Protection

India has taken various measures for endangered species protection, including the Wildlife Protection Act of 1972, which prohibits hunting and poaching of endangered animals. Additionally, India has established protected areas like national parks and wildlife sanctuaries to conserve habitats. Conservation programs, strict law enforcement, and awareness initiatives also play a crucial role in endangered species […]

Aquifer Recharge Project

A rapid rise in population and urbanization has caused excessive groundwater exploitation, which is a major concern. Therefore, technologies to replenish the groundwater are necessary for its conservation and sustainable development. Storage of freshwater in shallow aquifers using different techniques has become the practice worldwide to restore depleted groundwater and improve water quality. The deliberate […]

Which method do you find preferable for e-waste disposal?

The term “e-waste” refers to wastes produced by outdated electronics and home appliances meant for recovery, recycling, or disposal because they are no longer suitable for serving their original purpose. These wastes cover a wide range of electrical and electronic devices, including big home appliances like refrigerators and air conditioners, as well as handheld cell […]

Overview of Brownfield Redevelopment

Brownfields are properties that are vacant and underused. They may be contaminated due to how they were used in the past. These sites are like forgotten land due to severe and natural contamination and financial and social complexities prevent their redevelopment. They are generally identified as struggling urban areas, mainly in urban centres, peri-urban, and […]

Significance of Wetland Protection and Restoration

Wetland protection and restoration are essential for preserving ecosystems and biodiversity. Protection involves legal measures, like designating wetlands as protected areas, while restoration aims to rehabilitate degraded wetlands. Both are crucial for maintaining water quality, flood control, and habitat for wildlife. Wetlands encompass diverse ecosystems, including marshes, swamps, bogs, and coastal estuaries, each playing a […]

Climate Change Adaptation Strategies

The term “adaption” describes changes made to social, ecological, or economic systems in response to actual or predicted climatic stimuli and those stimuli’s effects or impacts. It refers to adjustments made to procedures, routines, and structures to take advantage of opportunities brought on by climate change. It will be essential to involve local governments and […]

Methods Involved in Plastic Waste Management

Searching for ways to manage plastic waste along with its methods? Plastic waste, also known as plastic pollution, is “the accumulation of plastic objects” (such as plastic bottles and other items) in the environment of the Earth that negatively impacts humans, animals, and their habitats. Various methods are used to dispose of plastic waste, including […]