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About Pratibha Sharma

Introducing Pratibha Sharma, a versatile professional with a strong academic foundation. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics (Hons) and a degree in L.L.B from University of Delhi. Pratibha has honed her expertise through profound experience as a Legal Researcher. Her fervour for corporate law and regulatory and environmental compliances has driven her to delve into intricate legal frameworks and emerging industry trends. Beyond her legal prowess, Pratibha's commitment extends to issues close to her heart. She fervently advocates for women's rights, having dedicated significant efforts, particularly to supporting victims of sexual assault. Her dedication to creating informative and insightful legal content underscores her mission to contribute meaningfully to legal discourse and further enrich her legal acumen.

Effective Methods of Waste Management in the Hotel Industry

In the era of green economy and green strategies, it has become imperative for businesses across sectors to adopt sustainable practices in order to reduce their carbon footprint. One of the most important aspects of running a sustainable business is having a robust waste management system in place that focuses on the 3Rs, i.e. Reduce, […]

Sustainable Tourism Practices

The Tourism Industry is one the biggest and fastest-growing industries in the world and consequently makes a huge contribution to the host country’s economy. It not only helps generate employment opportunities but is also one of the biggest sources of foreign exchange for any economy and is usually one of the biggest contributors to the […]

Effective Ways for Disposal of Batteries in India

With a resilient discussion about safe environmental practices worldwide, we are now quite aware of the harmful effects of poisonous and hazardous substances in the environment. When these substances interact with our food, water, or air, the risk of a myriad of diseases runs high. While a lot of noise is generated around embracing environmentally […]

Navigating through the Plastic Waste Management Rules and the EPR Regime

Are you a small enterprise or planning to kick-start a small business? Are you concerned about complying with the legal guidelines? You may have encountered various compliance requirements pertaining to, but not limited to, labour, tax compliances, GST registrations, License requirements, etc. Amidst all these compliances, one may forget about complying with the ever so […]

Why are Producers of Micro & Small Units appealing for EPR Exemption?

In this article, we will try to understand why the micro and small units using plastic packaging are appealing for EPR exemptions, adherence to the Plastic Waste Management Rules, and whether these EPR exemptions are justified. Before we get into this, let’s first understand about EPR. What is Extended Producer Responsibility?   The Extended Producer Responsibility, commonly […]