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Pratibha Sharma

Pratibha Sharma

About Pratibha Sharma

Introducing Pratibha Sharma, a versatile professional with a strong academic foundation. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics (Hons) and a degree in L.L.B from University of Delhi. Pratibha has honed her expertise through profound experience as a Legal Researcher. Her fervour for corporate law and regulatory and environmental compliances has driven her to delve into intricate legal frameworks and emerging industry trends. Beyond her legal prowess, Pratibha's commitment extends to issues close to her heart. She fervently advocates for women's rights, having dedicated significant efforts, particularly to supporting victims of sexual assault. Her dedication to creating informative and insightful legal content underscores her mission to contribute meaningfully to legal discourse and further enrich her legal acumen.

Environmental Remediation Services

Times have changed, and they have changed for the better. The world is becoming aware of the environmental damage that is being caused at micro levels, and people are becoming increasingly conscious of their choices. They want to be associated with such brands and products who think about the environmental and social repercussions of their […]

Rise of Environmental Auditing Services

With the world getting increasingly environmentally conscious, companies and businesses are under a microscopic vision with regard to their environmental and social practices. Running an enterprise can no longer be just about making a profit. Businesses have been arm-twisted into considering the environmental and social effects and impacts of their commercial operations, and rightly so! […]

Green Transportation Infrastructure

The transportation industry is the backbone of any country. Public transportation becomes even more important, given the accessibility and lower cost attached to it. Imagine even if public transportation stops even for a day, your city may come to a halt because not everyone can afford their private transport. Thus, an efficient transport infrastructure is […]

Green Marketing Strategies Unleashed

We are living in an environmentally conscious world where people are concerned about the effects and repercussions of their decisions. People are well aware and mindful of the effects of climate change, and with increasing awareness around concepts like sustainability, people across nations are now conscious of their choices and are tracking their purchasing patterns. […]

Sustainable Sanitation Solutions

Safe and cost-effective sanitation is a significant environmental challenge for the society. Due to numerous factors at play, sanitation is no longer a localised issue and has rather become a pervasive social and environmental concern. Inadequately managed sanitation problems can pose adverse environmental and health risks. As per the data available, around 2.6 billion people […]

A Guide to EV Charging in India: Regulations and Incentives

Are you contemplating setting up a public EV Charging Station in your area and are wondering what are the regulations imposed and incentives provided by the government regarding the same? We can witness the rapid pace at which the electrification of the transport sector is happening around us. India has been the world’s 3rd largest […]

Why Solar Power is a Game Changer for India’s Food Industry?

The food industry is critical for every economy, not only to feed its people but even from the economic point of view. For a country that has a population size as big as ours, it becomes even more significant. Thus, the food industry in India is poised for growth, not only to feed its people […]

Effective Methods of Waste Management in the Hotel Industry

In the era of green economy and green strategies, it has become imperative for businesses across sectors to adopt sustainable practices in order to reduce their carbon footprint. One of the most important aspects of running a sustainable business is having a robust waste management system in place that focuses on the 3Rs, i.e. Reduce, […]

Sustainable Tourism Practices

The Tourism Industry is one the biggest and fastest-growing industries in the world and consequently makes a huge contribution to the host country’s economy. It not only helps generate employment opportunities but is also one of the biggest sources of foreign exchange for any economy and is usually one of the biggest contributors to the […]

Effective Ways for Disposal of Batteries in India

With a resilient discussion about safe environmental practices worldwide, we are now quite aware of the harmful effects of poisonous and hazardous substances in the environment. When these substances interact with our food, water, or air, the risk of a myriad of diseases runs high. While a lot of noise is generated around embracing environmentally […]