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Diksha khiatani

Diksha khiatani

About Diksha khiatani

A writer by day and a reader at night. Emerging from an Engineering background, Diksha has completed her M. Tech in Computer Science field. Being passionate about writing, she started her career as a Writer. She finds it interesting and always grabs time to research and write about Environmental laws and compliances. With extensive knowledge on content writing, she has been delivering high-quality write-ups on various topics like climate change, environmental policies, emerging waste management problems, etc. Besides, you will often find her with a novel and a cuppa!

How to obtain SPCB Certificate for ice cream manufacturers?

Ice creams offer joy that knows no bounds. From summer to monsoon and even winter, ice cream is a perfect treat that nobody misses, even at random gatherings, occasions and on festivities. Though this food delicacy is a consumable product of choice, it remains in massive demand throughout all seasons, and so does the ice […]

The process to obtain a PCB certificate for Asbestos products manufacturing

Asbestos is a cluster of six naturally occurring silicate minerals comprising microscopic, thin fibres. The mineral is famous for offering chemical and heat resistance, strength and fireproofing. Due to all these, asbestos was a popular additive to various products. The naturally occurring mineral was once famous as magic for humankind. But later, it was tagged […]

Permission required to set up Shopping malls and Commercial/ Housing complexes in India

Shopping malls and commercial/housing are rapidly acquiring a central stage in urban India. Demand graphs for shopping mall space in India are lucrative. These establishments offer consumers the benefit of selecting from a myriad of choices of merchandise spread across various categories. But lately, shopping malls have become more than just avenues for conducting business […]

How to apply for MoEF permission for the import of used lead-acid batteries?

A heavy metal, lead finds usage in a majority of things. About 70% of the lead globally is used for manufacturing lead-acid batteries (LABs). These batteries go into power back-ups and automobiles. Lead-acid batteries are generally preferred because these tend to be the most recycled consumer product. Around ninety-eight per cent of all battery lead […]

General overview of the pesticide-making business

Pesticides making business is undoubtedly essential. Pesticides are indeed a boon for farmers as they help protect crops from diseases, pests and weeds and grow more food on less land. These also help in boosting productivity per hectare. Just as people require medicine when ill, plants need pesticides when affected by pests, diseases or weeds. […]

General overview of the Polluter Pays Principle

Over time, the world has witnessed many principles like the polluter Pays Principle (PPP)and ‘Precautionary Principle. Needless to say, these are not just principles but constitutional mandates aiming to control environmental degradation. Talking specifically about the PPP, it was incepted in economic discussions on surmising responsibility for costs resulting from pollution. The cost is referred […]

How to set up a Diaper and Sanitary Napkin Business in India?

Overview of the sanitary napkin business in India Over time, the Menstrual Hygiene Alliance of India (MHAI) has evaluated that there are around 336 million menstruating women in India. Out of which, 36 per cent use disposable sanitary napkins — that sums up to 121 million women. Now suppose a woman uses eight disposable pads […]

Rules Governing The Transboundary Movement of Hazardous Waste

Quick industrialisation in the last few years has resulted in the exhaustion of natural resources and a rise in pollution in India. In addition, industrialisation has also resulted in vast heaps of hazardous waste posing a threat to the environment and human health. Thus, systematic disposal and scientific treatment of the produced waste are unavoidable. […]

General overview of the MoEF Rules Governing Hazardous Waste Import

Why is effective hazardous waste management the need of the hour? According to the information provided by Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB), around 43,936 industries in India produce over 70 lakh tonnes of hazardous waste every year. Therefore, scientific disposal of this massively generated hazardous waste becomes quite essential. Disposing of waste scientifically by storage, […]

Detailed procedure for CGWA No Objection Certificate Renewal

What is the role of CGWA in No Objection Certificate Renewal? Central Ground Water Authority (CGWA) introduced new groundwater abstraction guidelines to promote sustainable management of water resources in India. These guidelines tend to regulate groundwater extraction and conserve the scarce groundwater resources in the country. According to CGWA New Guidelines 2020, all new/existing industries, […]