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Our team of environmental experts has more than 10 years of experience in providing all-inclusive services related to environmental licensing and compliance. We offer customised solutions through our vast team of experts in the field of Environmental Registrations and Compliance with applicable laws, regulations and guidelines.

What are Compliance Requirements for E-Waste Refurbishment Business?

Refurbished devices are gaining popularity in the Indian market, yielding in an ever-rising consumer base from all segments – individuals, businesses and organisations. The refurbished product includes a consumer electronics segment and is not just limited to computers and mobiles. This business can provide a complete experience and utility of new products at a significantly […]

How to obtain an EPR Certificate for the import of e-waste in India?

E-waste refers to unwanted, obsolete, or defective Electrical and Electronic Equipment (EEE). Over time, it has become one of the fastest-increasing trash streams worldwide. India alone produces nearly 50 million tonnes of e-waste or electronic waste annually. Indeed, the count is on and is expected to rise due to the growing demand for electronic products, […]

Basic overview of the phenyl making business in India

Derived from the French word phenyl, the word “Phenyl” finds its root in the Greek word phaino, meaning ‘shining.’Basically, a strong germicide and disinfectant, phenyl, is used to kill germs and clean floors and surfaces. With a particular odour (usually pleasing), this liquid finds application in various sectors. Therefore, setting up phenyl making business in […]

The process of establishing a Yarn/textile processing unit in India

India is known across the world for its textile industry. Being the second largest textile-producing country with high quality, it has a lot of exporters who import textiles from India. According to recent statistics on the market overview of the Yarn/Textile Processing Unit in 2021, the Indian textile industry is worth 223 billion dollars. It […]

What permissions are required from MOEF for the import of rubber Scrap?

Rubber scrap is parings, waste and scrap of rubber (other than hard rubber), along with granules and powders obtained accordingly. It is usually obtained from automotive industries and truck’s old tyres. Apart from this, there is a provision for the import of rubber scrap in India. The reason is it is often used to make […]

Post Compliance for Plastic Bag Recycling Business

Before understanding the post compliance for the plastic bag recycling business, it sounds wise to know some basics. Section 3(c) of the Plastic Waste (Management) Rules, 2016 defines plastic bags as “bags made from plastic or compostable plastic material. They are used to carry or dispense commodities which have a self-carrying feature but do not […]

Complete details regarding obtaining MoEF permission for the import of used tyres in India

Tyres are indispensable in the automotive sector, one of India’s quickly growing industries. They are durable, shockproof, bear the vehicle’s weight, and lead it in the right direction. Due to countless uses and exceptional properties, India also imported it from other nations besides manufacturing tyres within the country. But recently, the government-imposed ban (read it […]

What are MOEF Regulations on E-waste Export From India?

India ranks among the largest exporter of E-waste. While India has banned the import of e-waste, the nation allows the refurbishment and re-exportation of second-hand goods. The lack of authorised recyclers in the country is an important reason for the export of e-waste from India. That said, without a strong network of technologies and processes […]

Complete the process to establish a Copper Smelter business

Copper is one of the most used metals, which is malleable, soft and ductile with high electrical and thermal conductivity. It is reckoned amongst one of the few metals that occur in nature in a directly usable metallic form. It is a native and important non-ferrous base metal with wide industrial applications, including defence, space […]

How to set up an Aluminium Smelter plant in India?

Aluminium is a durable and strong metal that is corrosion resilient, a good reflector and a good conductor of electricity and heat. Apart from these properties, aluminium is also non-magnetic and non-toxic. Because of these properties, it has innumerable amount of functions in the electrical industry, transport containers and packaging, building and construction, consumer goods […]