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Our team of environmental experts has more than 10 years of experience in providing all-inclusive services related to environmental licensing and compliance. We offer customised solutions through our vast team of experts in the field of Environmental Registrations and Compliance with applicable laws, regulations and guidelines.

E-waste as a Business: How to Convert Electronic Waste into a Start-up?

During the time of Covid, technology and EEE (Electrical and Electronic Equipment) have seen tremendous growth with an influx of new gadgets every day in the market. But with this development of the digital era, e-waste also started accumulating with no proper management system in place. Thus, the need for e-waste as a business was […]

Responsibilities of Electronics Manufacturers in India

The polluter Pays Principle (PPP) forms a basis for Extended Producers Responsibility (EPR), with more stress on the life-cycle impact of the products. In the last few years, the authorities have levied responsibility on the producers of these goods and for their end-of-life management, including waste management. The responsibilities of electronics manufacturers in India allow […]

Consent to Operate Certificate for setting up a hotel business in India

Setting up the hotel business is a very lucrative option, having a market overview with the average operating margin rising by 200 basis points to 25.9%. However, the price is paid mainly by the environment for this profitability. The hotel industries contribute 2% of the total 5% of global CO2 emission by the tourism industry. […]

MSTC E-waste Auction: The detailed procedure

Management of electronic waste in India is one of the most important and lucrative markets due to its revenue generation and environmental sustainability. Management of Electrical and Electronics Equipment (EEE) involves the proper collection, recovery, recycling and treatment of e-waste, which is regulated under the E-waste (Management) Rules, 2016. MSTC e-waste auction is a vital […]

Core Components of Waste Management in India

Waste disposal in India Waste disposal is one of the most common practices in India. Thus, it is an integral part of waste management in India. Most households discard their waste without taking proper measures, including segregating waste at the source or even discarding it at the proper site. This careless disposal of waste has […]

How to Obtain PRO Authorisation for e-waste?

In 2020-21 when the whole world was affected by Covid-19 and everyone was in quarantine, the sales of Electrical and Electronic Equipment (EEE) saw a considerable hike. Although this increase in sales and use of EEE was beneficial for people working or studying from home, it had a detrimental effect on the environment and human […]

Detailed Process for setting up Dye Making Unit

Dye is the natural or synthetic substance extracted from chemicals or plants and mixed with the liquid used to change the colour of hair or cloth. Dyes have many uses, including textiles, wood, painting paper, leather, bamboo, candles, wood, etc. Their properties include resistance to sunlight, fastness to light, ease of application, durability of the […]

How to start Organic Chemicals Manufacturing Business in India?

The Organic Chemicals Manufacturing Business is essential to the chemical manufacturing sector. It provides and encourages many technological advancements and innovations. The organic chemicals industries also play an essential part in supplying intermediates and chemicals as raw material to other industries, like adhesives, paints, dyestuffs, pharmaceuticals, leather chemicals, alcohol, pesticides, ethanol, turpentine(excluding mineral turpentine)and several […]

How to draft a detailed E-waste Business Plan?

Based on any model, a business must be able to meet its objectives and create profit for its owners in a limited period. When it comes to competitive and upcoming businesses, such positive growth indicators must be exhibited as soon as possible to assess the business approach and make necessary changes within time. The same […]

Environmental Licensing for Sugar Manufacturing Business

Sugar is one of the basic necessities that is found in every kitchen and has a large number of consumers. It is extracted from two different raw materials, sugar cane and beet. In India, the majority of sugar production is done using sugar cane as a raw material. In the year 2021, the overall market […]