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Muskaan has completed her BA.LLB and LLM, gaining vast legal knowledge and expertise. She has keen interest in legal research and content writing, having prior experience of publishing numerous research papers in international journals on Environmental Laws and Corporate Laws.

Business opportunities based on disposal and utilisation of fly ash

Fly ash is a resource element that has demonstrated its value over time despite formerly being viewed as waste and a source of air and water pollution. Fly ash consists of oxides of aluminium, silicon iron and calcium. It also contains small amounts of sodium, magnesium, potassium, titanium, and sulphur. But the issue is that India […]

How to start a Renewable Energy business in India?

With more than 1.4 billion population, India has a massive demand for energy for its rapidly growing economy. Since the time of Independence, efforts to make India energy-independent have continued. Today India’s Renewable Energy production capacity is experiencing significant growth. Considering the sustainable development goals (SDG), power generation mix of India is rapidly shifting towards […]

How to Start Carbon Black Manufacturing?

Carbon black is a crucial component in producing tires, rubber goods, plastics, coatings, inks, and other products. Carbon is primarily used as a conductive filler, pigment, and particle-reinforcing material in plastic products. It enhances the mechanical properties and durability of these materials. Due to its strength, thermal conductivity, and excellent antistatic qualities, it is used […]

How to Start a Fabric Waste Recycling Business in India?

Fast fashion is leading to huge piles of clothing being discarded each year. This has an adverse impact on the environment as the manufacturing of clothes uses raw materials and other valuable resources like water and fuel. The current fashion industry uses high volumes of non-renewable resources, like petroleum, to produce clothes that are used […]

Overview of the CPCB Guidelines for Poultry Farms Management

Since the beginning of agriculture, raising domesticated birds (poultry) for their meat, eggs, and feathers has been a key component of supplementing farmers’ income. Today, poultry farming has developed into a highly profitable business that does not require significant investment. Poultry farming is the most rewarding animal husbandry business since it allows for the use […]

How to Start a Tyre Pyrolysis Plant in India?

A tyre pyrolysis plant is a Waste to Energy (WTE) model that converts waste tyres into pyrolysis oil. Apart from used tyres, a WTE plant can be used to convert waste plastic into useful fuel oil and valuable diesel. WTE plants are hugely popular among businesses and enjoy the support of environmental agencies that are […]

Highlights of the UP Solar Energy Policy 2022

Numerous nations have been compelled to look into and switch to environmentally friendly, renewable alternatives to meet the world’s rising energy demand. The focus of the present world as shifted to sustainable energy sources to combat the detrimental effects of conventional fossil fuels on the environment and other issues they cause. Solar energy is one […]