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About Suchandra Mukherjee

Suchandra is a 5th year law student, pursuing law from University of Mumbai. She has published numerous blogs and articles on legal portals and International Multidisciplinary peer-reviewed journals. She is adept at legal research and can write SEO-friendly creative articles on legal topics. She loves to paint and watch thriller movies in her free time. 

Relevance of Five-point sustainability agenda (Panchamrits) for Entrepreneurs

During the 26th Conference of the Parties (“COP26”), India’s Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, declared India’s intention to achieve net zero emissions by 2070, which is the main aim of the Five-point sustainability agenda (Panchamrits). While this commitment was seen as a significant step forward for India, some in the Western world felt it needed […]

What is Environmental Social Management Framework (ESMF)?

Big projects need a stable funding mechanism in various stages of planning, budgeting, management functions, enhanced human resource development and increased organizational efficiency. It helps them ensure that all operations of an organisation are environmentally and socially sustainable in line with Environment and social safeguards Policy and Framework of National and International or Multilateral Financial […]